La Cuadra

A different place, away from the style of the tourist restaurants and with a particular charm, a careful kitchen done with affection and a lot of professionalism

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  • Nacho G.
    For the second year we returned for dinner the black rice ..... and it was fantastic !!!! When repeating a restaurant is for the good memories, and it is good to see that nothing has changed.
    Nacho G.
  • Terry McHugh
    Our second visit to Playa Blanca, and this is by far our favorite place so far. The food and drink is lovely, the staff very friendly and helpful, and of course the view over the harbor and the coast is wonderful! I've gone twice so far on vacation, and will most likely be coming back again.
    Terry McHugh
  • Rouse Romer Mou
    Very good everything , the service and the great views .. The cook can be seen cooking through a glass, which gives the restaurant directly.
    Rouse Romer Mou
  • Malcolm Pye
    I found this place by accident and it was by far the best restaurant I ate in. The tapas were excellent, especially the Padrón peppers, and the local cheeses with jam! The steaks and crispy chicken were to die for and the honey rum was a great way to finish off a meal. 5 STARS.
    Malcolm Pye